The All-American Super-Hero, Captain America
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The All-American Super-Hero, Captain America

Captain America is one of the most well recognised super-heroÂ’s in the world.

Captain America is one of the most well recognised super-hero’s in the world. Since the first Captain America comic book was released, there has been over 600 subsequent issues made, and combined they have sold 210 million copies. Captain America has also been in several different movies, television series, videogames, and comics. On July 22nd 2011, Captain America will be hitting the big screen in “Captain America: First Avenger movie“.

Writer Joe Simon first created Captain America in 1940. The publishers of Timely Comics (which would eventually become Marvel Comics), gave the idea the green light and pushed to have the comic published as quickly as possible. They felt that a patriotic super-hero with the American flag on his chest, fighting the enemies of the United States would be very popular with the American people. The first issue of Captain America was released in 1940 and showed Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the face. The American people loved it and it sold over a million copies. During World War 2, Captain America enjoyed immense popularity, but by 1954, his popularity had waned to the point that the comic was discontinued. The 1950’s was not a good time for any of the comic book super-heroes and many suffered from a drastic loss in sales. In 1961, Captain America reappeared in the first issue of the Avengers. By this time, Timely Comics had become Marvel Comics and the company was ready to take the comic book world by storm. Since his revival in 1961, Captain America has enjoyed a strong following.

Steve Rogers is Captain America. Unlike many of the super-heroes, Steve Rogers does not have super powers; he was a rather sickly young man who volunteered to take an experimental serum to help America’s war efforts. The serum did not endow him with super powers; it simply enhanced his skills and health to the absolute peak of human perfection. Due to his quick reflexes and amazing dexterity, Steve Rogers is an expert at many of the hand-to-hand fighting techniques and is considered one of the very best hand-to-hand combatants out of all the comic book super heroes. Captain America was made to be a human representative of the American ideology: strong, brave and true, always ready to fight for America and freedom.

All super-heroes have a crime fighting costume to help hide their true identity and strike fear in their foes hearts, and Captain America is no different. When out smiting the enemies of America, he is dressed primarily in blue with red and white with a symbol of an American flag on his shied. Captain American usually fought using hand-to-hand combat or with his indestructible shield.

Over the years, Captain America has defended America from many devious enemies. Most of Captain America’s enemies represented ideologies that threatened America: Nazism, Neo-Nazism, Communism, Anarchism, Fascism, and Terrorism. His greatest enemy was the Red Skull.

Captain America’s popularity extends far further than the United States; his comics are enjoyed in over 70 countries. Captain America is a champion of the American people, but the things he fights for - freedom and rights- are something that people worldwide can relate too. What Captain American fights for is not just an American ideology, but also an ideology of the hopeful everywhere.

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